PVCE MAKES Investing in Metals is Easy!

Palos Verdes Coin Exchange Offers a wide variety of Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion Products. What makes us different is that we have no commission paid salesman and a low overhead allowing us to offer the lowest premiums and a hassle free environment. We except a wide variety of payments including Crypto Currency, Credit Cards & Checks. PVCE always encourages new investors and offers no minimum purchasing requirements. 

Give us a call and see how Bullion can benefit your portfolio! 

Gold Bulion 

PVCE buys and sells Gold Bullion Coins and Bars in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and minted by several highly reputable producers and mints. Gold bullion is simply a term used to describe physical Gold products that are traded based solely on the Gold content, plus or minus a small premium. The reason many people choose Gold bullion bars and coins, is because it is the most economical way of owning physical Gold. The premiums above the spot price of Gold is much lower on Gold bullion than on numismatic, or rare Gold coins. Bellow is a sample of gold bullion PVCE offers to local investors.

Give us a call for pricing and availability.

US Mint $20 Gold Saints 

US Mint Gold Eagle's

.999 Gold Bars& Rounds  

Canadian .9999 Maple Leaf

Silver Bullion 

PVCE offers a wide array of silver bullion and coins catering both new investors and experts alike. We offer Silver Bars from 1oz to 1,000oz produced by the most trusted brands in the industry. We also cary bullion products minted by top world mints including: Silver American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs & other great coins. In addition we also cary "Junk" 90% silver coinage. Call today for pricing and availability.

Platinum Bullion 

All Platinum Bullion sold by Palos Verdes Coin Exchange is recognized worldwide. We believe that the most important characteristic that your precious metals investment should have is liquidity, so we only give our clients products that they can easily sell anywhere in the world, including back to us. We sell the most commonly traded, reputable Platinum bullion items from official government mints, as well as bars and rounds minted by some of the world’s most reputable private refineries.

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