PVCE has years of experience apprising & purchasing historic rare coins  and collections. We have helped numerous families settle  Rare Coins & Precious Metals Estates.  Our business is built on trust and seek repeat customers. Make an appointment to find out what your collection is worth. Give us a call to learn more 


Gold Bullion 

Top prices paid for: Bars, Canadian Maples.

American Gold Eagles, Krugerrands & More. 

Call for current market buy price !!


Scrap Gold & Jewelry

We buy 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 22k & 24k Gold Jewelry, Watches, Class Rings & Any other forms of gold! We will weigh & test the purity right in person and make a 

competitive offer. 




                                                               Pre-1964 90% Silver US Coinage  

                                                             All Dimes, Quarters & Half dollars 1964                                                               & prior are 90% silver. 


                                                               Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars  

                                                              Silver Dollars where minted from 1878                                                               to 1935 at mints across the country,                                                                   The most famous being Carson City !                                                                  We pay $25 for low end coins and more                                                              for  rare dates.                                                                                                     

PCGS & NGC Certified Coins

Free appraisals for all certified coins.

We are a proud PCGS Authorized Dealer 

and competitive buyers! 

World Coins & Paper Money 

Anything from Gold Sovereigns to Pesos 

our experts can attribute & value your 

world coins. 

Coin Albums & Books

Wheat Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Buffalo Nickels & 

others are commonly found in partial or complete 

sets. Nearly every collection has the famous Dansco 

or Whitman album full of coins.

Seated Liberty Coinage 

Half dimes to Dollars Seated Liberty Coinage was minted from 1836 to 1891 at nearly all mints. Very collectible coins!! 

Pre-1933 US Gold Coinage 

With Gold near all-time high levels pre-33 US gold has increased in value significantly. Gold was made in $1, $2.50, $3, $5, $10 & $20 denominations. Most trade at its gold melt value but a rare type-1 $20 Liberty will bring a premium!


Sterling Silver 

With silver prices at higher levels many customers are happily surprised 

with the value of their Sterling. Sterling Jewelry, Flatware & anything else we can test and make you a competitive offer. We buy stamped .925 sterling and can also test unstamped sterling silver also.

Collectable US Coins 

Buffalo Nickels, Wheat Cents, Barber Coinage,

& Many others! 

US Mint, Proof & Commemorative Sets 

We handle both Vintage Silver & Gold 

commemorative coins and modern 

special mint release coins.

Uncirculated  Coin Rolls & Accumulations 

US Large Size & Small Size Paper Money


Territorial Gold & Silver Coins 

Kellog Gold Coins, Civil War Tokens & others. 

Wrist & Pocket Watches 

Proof Gold, Silver & Platinum  American  Eagles 

Silver American Eagles 

Standing Liberty Quarters 

Walking Liberty Half Dollars 

We value coins based on three factors: Precious Metals Content, Rarity & Condition.


For example a $20 Saint Gaudens that was worn in jewelry will be valued solely based on its Gold Value, roughly $1800 depending on gold price.

A 1879 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated will be valued based on its numismatic rarity. It will only have $20 worth of silver but will be worth $10,000 to $20,000.

We are always happy to give free appraisals or even just our opinions about your coin collection. No collection to big or small! A couple Silver 90% Half Dollars or Rare Proof Gold we are here to educate you on your collections value. 

To learn more or to find out what your collection is worth give us a call