What We Buy 

90% Silver 

Dimes, quarters & half dollars 1964 & prior contain 90% silver. We are always buying and selling 90% and is one of the most common coins brought in. 

Scrap Gold 

We are the strongest buyers of unwanted or broken gold jewelry in the are. We make selling scrap gold an easy & transparent process.

Silver Dollars

Silver dollars where minted until 1935. We will make a fair offer based on condition and rarity. A genuine silver dollar will be worth $25 & up! 


Gold, Silver & Platinum Bars & Bullion coins. Call for our current market price 

PCGS Certified Coins

PVCE is a PCGS Authorized Dealer and competitive buyer of all PCGS cer

Pre-1933 Gold

We offer customers fair & transparent pricing for buying & selling all denominations of US Pre-1933 Gold .

Collectible US Coins 

We handle buffalo nickels, indian head cents and all other types & denominations of US coinage on a daily basis. 

Mint &Proof Sets 

The US Mint has made these collectible sets from the 1930s to present year and vary in price from a couple dollars to thousands!

.925 Sterling Silver

Flatware, private mint & jewelry silver. Quick and easy on site testing & offers.

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Palos Verdes Coin Exchange 

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